Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Curious Curio of the Day - Haunting Melodies from Nox Arcana

Transylvania -
this seductive and darkly romantic soundtrack

elaborates upon Bram Stoker's
classic horror novel Dracula

Darklore Manor -
tale of an abandoned Victorian mansion,
a cursed bloodline, tales of black magic,
murder, and vengeful ghosts.

Necronomicon -
a spellbinding tribute to H.P. Lovecraft

and his everlasting Cthulhu mythos

Shadow of the Raven -
Delve into the haunted realms

of Edgar Allan Poe
with this tribute to the literary master
with a lush musical tapestry of
Victorian elegance and Gothic nightmares.


Carnival of Lost Souls -
explore an old-fashioned carnival that
harbors living nightmares and sinister secrets

Phantoms of the High Seas -
set sail upon the haunted seas where
ghost ships prowl the misty dead of night

Grimm Tales -
where goblins, elves and sylvan spirits dwell
in the deepest shadows of the forest beneath the
wicked Witch Queen's spell of eternal darkness

Blackthorne Asylum -
explore the shadows of a forsaken sanitarium
haunted by the souls of the dead
and plagued by the dark essence of evil

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