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Friday, June 11, 2010

Curious Curio - Classic Pin-Ups Books

Curious Curio - Uncle Mortimer & Aunt Maggie Haunted Portraits

Witness their terrifying transformations
into ghastly creatures of the night as you walk past!
An amazing effect, which must be seen in person
to be truly appreciated! (or un-appreciated if you weren't expecting it!)
This high-quality art piece will be
a unique addition to your spooky decor,
or could effectively be used to spice up
any Halloween or Mystery party!
Visitors will shriek in terror
as this picture changes before their eyes!
The portrait changes depending on your perspective.
For example, if you stand still, it does not change at all.
But when you walk past it, either left to right or right to left,
you will see it animatedly morph
into a ghastly creature of the night.

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Curious Curio - The Mütter Museum Books

"The work of a distinguished group of photographers
who have been drawn to explore the body
stripped of its superficial coverings down to its inner realities.
There is real beauty beneath the surface both in life,
as revealed by the surgeon's scalpel, and in death,
as revealed by the pathologist's or anatomist's knife.
The contemporary photographs in this book,
combined with powerful images from the Museum's
historical photography collection, stretch the boundaries
to find beauty not in its conventional form, but in its opposite:
the deformed, the broken, the disfigured body of those who
suffered physical abnormality, trauma, or destructive disease.
There is a terrifying beauty as well in the spirits
of those who endured nature's challenges
to human life and to medical understanding."

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