Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Curious Curio of the Day - Transforming Haunted Portraits


Come meet
all the members
of our
Ghoulish family

and witness their
terrifying transformations!


This high-quality art piece will be a unique addition to your spooky decor,
or could effectively be used to spice up any Halloween or Mystery party!
Visitors will shriek in terror as this picture changes before thier eyes!

It is a lenticular portrait which changes depending on your perspective.
For example, if you stand still, it does not change at all.
But when you walk past it, either left to right or right to left,
you will see it animatedly morph into a ghastly creature of the night.
It's an amazing effect, which must be seen in person to be truly appreciated!
(or un-appreciated if you weren't expecting it!)


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